Nicoles Crafty Emporium

Welcome to Nicoles Crafty Emporium

Nicoles Craft Emporium - Childrens Art and Craft ActivitiesWelcome to Nicoles Crafty Emporium.
I’m Nicole and I’m here to help you entertain your children with arts and craft-based activities.
I’m the owner of Nicole’s Crafty Emporium and I just love helping parents to give their children a great time that they will remember.
While keeping the costs affordable so that all families can enjoy a time to remember.

I can provide everything from party bags to music to ensure your party goes without a hitch.
I love giving children a party they’re sure to remember.

Our parties and events are a unique experience, no two parties are ever the same.
So if two children have a birthday close to each other you have no need to worry about them having the same party.
All kits will be sent out prior to the birthday parties so all the children will have the kits ready for the online zoom on the date you have chosen.


Our Activities

No matter what the event I can take the stress of entertaining the children away for you.
Birthday parties? Charity Events? Keeping children busy? Nursing home activities? I can provide structured entertainment for all ages with a range of crafts and activities that include;

  • Sand art
  • Bear Club
  • Arbees Art Club
  • Sand Bottles
  • Glass Terrarium
  • Pebble Trolls
  • Colouring mobiles
  • Buntings and Fairy Doors

Our craft and play activities are suitable for people of all ages and abilities. Sand Art is a calming activity, and as such is perfect for those with ADHD, Autism, Asperger’s, or learning difficulties.

Pre-designed images mean that anyone of any ability can join in with the fun, creating gorgeous pictures they’ll want to keep forever.

All of our activity equipment is sourced from a highly commended company who offer gender-neutral kids toys and activities.

Get in touch to find out more about our range of activities or follow us on Facebook.